True Story about Omega Speedmaster and NASA

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True Story about Omega Speedmaster and NASA

Postby koimaster » July 5th 2016, 3:46pm

Speedy fans.... a True Story about Omega Speedmaster and NASA Space Program

Jun 29, 2016,05:28 AM

You have heard this and that or read somewhere on the net and believe them. But DO NOT believe everything you read on the internet. Here is the TRUE story told by the Omega Museum Manager, Mr. Petros Protopapas.

One evening in somewhere in Tokyo, several people were invited (no journalist, just Omega fans) to a dinner where Mr. Protopapas, we were told, would talk about the true history of our beloved "Speedy". Most of the attendees, who supposedly knew almost everything about Speedy were shocked to learn by some of the topics Mr. Protopapas spoke of. Now, let us recap what are true and what are wrong information

Mr. Petros Protopapas ("PP")

“It is a great honor to be here, thank you very much! We came together to share new information about the Speedmaster and set the record straight for this most important chronograph. For you and for us it is important to know that information is credible. Please note that what you are about to hear has been assembled after many years of research and working together with Mr James Ragan, ex-NASA, the very engineer who carried out the legendary watch-tests at NASA. Also we are honored to work together and assist the Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum in Washington to conserve and NOT restore the original Speedmaster chronographs that NASA issued to Gemini and Apollo astronauts. Normally, as we are true to our heritage and respect all aspects of how a museum treats historic objects, the Omega Museum does not undertake "restorations" because this would mean to make an object "like new". As a museum we “conserve” historical objects instead. And in watchmaking there can hardly be any objects that are of greater importance than the actually flown NASA-issued Speedmasters. The Speedmaster chronographs within the collection of the NASA in Washington were all issued by NASA to the astronauts of its missions over the years, so they have seen heavy use and are covered with scratches, have sometimes even broken crystals and other mission-related damage and signs of use, but since they are true historic witnesses to events that affect all mankind, we assist in keeping them “as-is”, in their original state, but still making sure they can survive so that future generations can enjoy looking at them. In undertaking this project, we also assembled all the correct information about every single Speedmaster used and issued by NASA on a mission, their reference numbers, calibers, movement numbers, and who wore it when to where.”

“Kindly note that, as agreed with all persons involved, this information is still confidential, and we cannot divulge many parts of it, but we have put together some information that we actually can share with you in this folder. So, here (the memo and the binder) are parts of the most important information we and you have possibly encountered in your watch life. These are simple Xerox-copies and we have not altered them in any way. These are just some of the pages we can share with you and there is so much more by now in our ever-growing archives. By 2017, Omega will open the new museum and we want to share this information in highly effective way, and maybe there will be a new book about the true story of Speedmaster.”

First of all, 105.003, Speedmaster, NOT "Professional" - when was the last 105.003 produced, do you know? It is commonly known that 105.003 was last produced and sold in 1967/1968. But according to our research in the production archives, it was produced in 1963, and NASA received a last batch of 105.003 much later, and used them all the way into the Apollo program. Procurement can be traced well into the late 1960s, October 1968 being quite a surprise. Strange. We will see why - just found out the reason. And I have here a very rare 105.003 here, in fact a quite rare piece with a grey dial.........."


How lucky I am. I was invited to dinner with Mr. Petros .... And had an opportunity to hear the wonderful, first time ever told stories about Speedmaster, which most of you know or may have owned once or twice in life. I am a big fan of Speedy and Omega's consistent pursuit of accuracy, reliability and the quality of its watches. Of all Omega watches, Speedy has been always a fascinating model especially because it is the watch that went to the moon. Why Speedy and how it was picked up as well as which one actually go, etc. - these are the favorite stories for the Speedy fans and most have been spoken - at least I had such impression - but boy was I wrong. Today, you will read very refreshing, first-ever told stories from the month of the curator of Omega museum - the new "facts" were found from the newly disclosed archive of NASA, so they are all true. Be ready and enjoy the read! ... 1456703651


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