Vintage Omega database

Vintage Omega database

Postby koimaster » January 25th 2013, 7:15am

How to find a specific watch in the "Vintage" database:


Always start your search with the "Full Text Search" field. It works as a search engine and will list all the results according to the word or number you have entered. You can search using wildcards (*). For instance "s*master" will list all "Seamaster" and "Speedmaster" watches.


To find watches from 1946 to the present, please enter the number which is engraved on the inside of your watch's case back:
Without a space and without letters, for watch references with 3, 4 or 5 digits (for instance 738, 2444 or 14381)
Without a space and without letters but with a dot ( . ) after the first 3 digits, for references with 6 or 7 digits (for instance 145.022 or 396.1122)
With an additional zero or a wildcard (*) if you cannot find your watch, for references with 6 digits (for instance, if you cannot find 145.022 try 145.0022 or 145*22)

To find watches from 1988 to the present, please enter the product identification code (PIC) which can be found on the guarantee card and in catalogues (the number is not engraved on the watch): Without a space and without letters but with a dot ( . ) after the first 4 digits, another dot ( . ) after the first 6 digits and "00" (double zero) at the end (for instance 3570.50.00).



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