Vintage Hamilton Pics

Vintage Hamilton Pics

Postby gerdson » February 20th 2018, 9:36am

So sorry the text is all in German, but I figured some here only look at the pics anyways. :mrgreen:
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Re: Vintage Hamilton Pics

Postby foghorn » February 20th 2018, 9:54am


Donkey shame!!

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Re: Vintage Hamilton Pics

Postby koimaster » February 20th 2018, 10:29am

Hamilton thread in from Urforum.pdf

Good read now translated into English for members too lazy to use google translate or learn german.
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Re: Vintage Hamilton Pics

Postby TemerityB » February 20th 2018, 11:07am

Those pics are gorgeous, and some of those watches are spectacular. At least current Hamilton pays homage to their older models a lot of the time; many of those, including the Thin-O-Matic (love that name) and the Linwood, are either revived from time to time or are still part of the product line.
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Re: Vintage Hamilton Pics

Postby Rusty » February 20th 2018, 4:52pm

I like 'em. Wish I lived during the heyday of Hamilton watches...although I probably couldn't have afforded them.
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Re: Vintage Hamilton Pics

Postby smellody » February 20th 2018, 8:32pm

Das sind gute Informationen.
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