I Want To Be Made Whole--Gosh Darn Minty!!

I Want To Be Made Whole--Gosh Darn Minty!!

Postby conjurer » July 16th 2018, 6:34pm

Actually, a pretty cool watch--but the guy's on meth regarding the price. Also, it always makes me smile when some stupid bastard uses "rare" and "Seiko" in the same sentence:

https://forums.watchuseek.com/f29/ultra ... 48125.html
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Re: I Want To Be Made Whole--Gosh Darn Minty!!

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » July 17th 2018, 4:04am

Seiko yacht timer chronographs are collectible, but this is a joke.
And I really don't know why is he calling it a "bullhead." That's not what a "bullhead" chrono looks like. OK, I do know why - because he's a fucking fleecer, not any different from the Hoedonkeys doing the "Calatrava Houdini."
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