I Want To Be Made Whole--Atomic Orange!!

I Want To Be Made Whole--Atomic Orange!!

Postby conjurer » June 7th 2018, 10:27pm

Some dumb-ass already bought this one, which normally keeps it from a IWTBMW thread, but the mark buyer spent a whole lot of money, and it's a Lew & Huey; so, I get to poke a finger in the eye of Doc Vail, and Temerity can make a reach-around/feltching joke:

http://forums.watchuseek.com/f29/fs-lew ... 18421.html
I checked you out, and I now want you to take the journey to lick my taint. It's small, but vast.

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Re: I Want To Be Made Whole--Atomic Orange!!

Postby Mark1 » June 8th 2018, 8:51am

eWe r Jest a geLlus haytEr cOnjugaler This hear tYmpeace iz a grate deEl cuz EberyBuddy noSe that ornGe iz the bestust cOlor fore deep See divine. maybe if ewE gots sum taLe onCe in a wile eWe woodent Aunt bee so biTtur LolllOOlololllol.
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Re: I Want To Be Made Whole--Atomic Orange!!

Postby TemerityB » June 8th 2018, 10:25am

Well, the seller did manage to sell the watch. Who am I to besmirch either of these gentlemen?

Lew and Huey, however, can just drop to their knees, unbuckle my belt, and munch away.
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