winding question for a GS 6145-8010T

winding question for a GS 6145-8010T

Postby 790rivers » March 20th 2018, 5:18am

I'm new to WL and a new owner of my first GS and have this question: why does manual winding not seem capable of starting the watch, but automatic winding is? If I let my watch wind down completely and then wind it back up completely manually, it still will not start. But a couple of shakes of the automatic winder and it does. Is this normal?
Thanks, and apologies in advance if this question is too naive for the normal WL members.
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Re: winding question for a GS 6145-8010T

Postby svaglic » March 20th 2018, 6:14am

Go here, this guy had the same issue with a 6145 and he talks about his watch repair guy not being able to source the parts. Later on though, he said it ended up being an easy fix with no broken parts.

In post 4, a guy talks about what it is that sounds wrong with it. ... 15490.html
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