Underwater With The Citizen Promaster 1000M Professional

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Underwater With The Citizen Promaster 1000M Professional

Postby Racer-X » December 11th 2017, 11:28pm

by Jason Heaton "As shipwreck dives go, the Hilma Hooker is an easy one. Lying on her starboard side in the sand at the bottom of a coral reef, the sunken drug running freighter is an easy 200-yard swim offshore and the dive bottoms out at 100 feet to the sea floor. This accessibility, the clear, warm water, and the nearly perfect proportions of the wreck itself make it one of the most popular dive sites on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire. To avoid the crowds of divers, who stir up silt and scare away the marine life, you have to get up at sunrise and high tail it down the coast road to the rocky beach, suit up and get in the water before other trucks and the dreaded “cattle boats” arrive around 8:00. The reward for this early start is a 240-foot-long ship all to yourself, if you don’t include the fleet of huge tarpon that hang in the shadow of the upturned port gunwale. It then becomes an eerie and fascinating place to explore and, with some imagination, you can pretend you’re a treasure hunter, or a secret agent searching for stolen nukes in the dark bowels of the wreck. Of course, it helps to be wearing an appropriate watch and it was one such morning dive on the Hilma Hooker that I first chose to try out Citizen’s latest top end dive watch, the Promaster 1000M Professional Diver."

Article at HODINKEE
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Re: Underwater With The Citizen Promaster 1000M Professional

Postby conjurer » December 11th 2017, 11:48pm

This is a Cool Watch. I don't care that it costs more than a Seiko Marinemaster, or that it's Invicter big. It's fucking cool, and that's all that matters.
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Re: Underwater With The Citizen Promaster 1000M Professional

Postby bedlam » December 12th 2017, 2:36am

I don't get the price or the size, and compared to the Seiko 1000m Tuna it isn't even very interesting.

The readability of that bezel is fukin terrible...and that is the core point of a dive watch.

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