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Luch One-Hander

Postby koimaster » September 5th 2018, 9:51am

Today's Guest Bum is Nikolai, an amateur watch reviewer from Belarus and a moderator of, the popular Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States forum. He has provided the text and photos for this reveiw.

Many Americans may be unaware of Belarus. My country is typically associated with our Belarus brand tractors, MAZ and BelAZ trucks, and our countless lakes and spas; but when talking about watches, Belarus is clearly represented by the Luch watch factory.

Today I will take a closer look at one of the most popular modern examples of Belarusian watchmaking, the Luch single hander featuring on the in-house caliber 1801.1. The range of single-handed watches is relatively narrow, but some watch manufacturers offer one or two models or even their whole range with one hand. The Luch single hand model is perhaps the model most associated with the brand.

Looking at the box in which the watch is sold, it’s hard to tell that this is a watch box at all. The whole package consists of a piece of flexible transparent plastic with a shallow recess for the watch, which is closed by a simple piece of cardboard, serving both as a certificate and a warranty card. Since my watch was received more than two years ago, the package did not survive the time. In short, the packaging is extremely simple and doesn’t have any interesting features worth to mention. ... ime+Bum%29


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Re: Luch One-Hander

Postby conjurer » September 5th 2018, 10:01am

That wartche makes me want to lose my Luch!!
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Re: Luch One-Hander

Postby bedlam » September 5th 2018, 9:10pm

It's not terrible looking...but that case is a let-down
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