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Factory Visit: VAULT Watches

PostPosted: October 31st 2017, 1:29pm
by koimaster
We presented the VAULT Watches project in July – a new independent brand with an original concept: to show the time in a personal way. While one might say that is just visual gimmick, the implication the time telling is desired much more profound. The VAULT watches do not just display the time in a slightly different manner, the timepieces change their visual appearance by setting of the dial according to the personal preferences. Since the release date is getting closer and closer, we visited the Uhrteil AG, the place where Vault watches are manufactured under the careful guidance of Andreas Strehler.

Places, people and stories

We travelled to Sirnach, a small city in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland, just about 40km north-east from Zurich. In a quiet neighbourhood, at the end of the street, you can find the entrance to the Uhrteil AG workshop. Looking from the street, you can see master watchmaker Andreas Strehler at work in his street-side room-atelier. ... g-atelier/