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Louis Chevrolet Manufacture

Postby koimaster » August 29th 2018, 9:01am

The Swiss Made watch brand is about to launch a new automatic watch at 590 Swiss francs via Kickstarter

Begins September 28th, 2018 | 20.00 CET

Launch September, 28th 2018 | 20.00 CET

It’s been running in all directions in the Louis Chevrolet Manufacture, based in Porrentruy (Swiss Jura), historical cradle of the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

After having launched this March, the first watch only accessible in Bitcoin and cleverly designed for cryptocurrency lovers, we’re preparing, for fans of Swiss Made watches, the release of a new collection. This will be done on September, 28th 2018.

The "Classic 8" is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work; multiple brainstorming sessions, thousands cups of coffee, multiple drafts and pages torn or recycled… A new automatic timepiece at a very attractive price: 590 Swiss francs and exclusively offered on Kickstarter. The advantage for Backers: 40% off!

During the month of September, we will unveil more about this limited edition, numbered and born in our workshops. In total, we will offer the "Classic 8" in 3 different versions of 498 pieces each. Better say that you will have to rush to take advantage of this exceptional offer!

Don’t know Louis Chevrolet yet?

Our brand was created in 2006, to honor this illustrious man, Louis Chevrolet, the historical founder of the “Chevrolet” car brand. Louis, son of a watchmaker, was native from a village only few kilometers away from our factory. He then moved to the US to found the well-known car brand.

Our factory brings together the know-how of the Swiss Jura. Thanks to the experience and traditions of the area, we fully control the manufacturing process of our watches. The technical and aesthetic developments of these timepieces are studied in our workshops. We manufacture most of our pieces and also decorate all our movements internally. Our process ends with the assembly and control of our watches.

We sell our watches exclusively via the Internet, no distributors, no physical shops! We want to be in direct contact with you and offer you Swiss Made watches at the right price!




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Re: Louis Chevrolet Manufacture

Postby conjurer » August 29th 2018, 10:21am

I'm waiting for the Frankie Buick.
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Re: Louis Chevrolet Manufacture

Postby foghorn » August 29th 2018, 12:18pm

Sorry but that's more than I can...

wait for it......


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Re: Louis Chevrolet Manufacture

Postby Racer-X » August 29th 2018, 3:26pm

I am surprised they could get that brand name licensed. Watch is too busy with trinkets, almost think they forgot the cables.
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Re: Louis Chevrolet Manufacture

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » August 29th 2018, 5:38pm

I can't wait to see their campaign on Prickstarter. If the watch is as fugly as I think it is, and if they elaborate further on the story behind their brand name, it's not unlikely that the Kickstarter campaign will need a solid walloping.
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