An Encyclopedia of Automotive Emblems

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An Encyclopedia of Automotive Emblems

Postby koimaster » March 29th 2017, 8:15am

Every Automotive Emblem, Explained

It’s nice to believe that cars are purely about performance — that what matters is track times and vehicle specs, not superfluous details like the assembly of letters that make a name. But it’s not. The automotive world works on many levels, even those that can be the most superficial. Every car bears a name and every brand has a badge. And that name and badge make a difference.

Behind the creation and evolution of automotive emblems there’s often tradition, folklore and mystery. So we’ve compiled a bit of history on the most famous automotive emblems — from Alfa Romeo to Volvo. We can’t cover every car brand, but we can give you the skinny on the major names. True identification in the sea of cars on the road is what every automaker wants, so let’s shed some light on how identification is best achieved. ... explained/ ... plained/2/


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Re: An Encyclopedia of Automotive Emblems

Postby smellody » March 29th 2017, 7:16pm

I like some of those marks. Many important ones are missing. Must be a Consumer Reports Report.
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Re: An Encyclopedia of Automotive Emblems

Postby Falstaff » April 4th 2017, 3:18pm

Foo. Where's Hupmobile, Horch, Isotta Fraschini, Stutz, Duesenberg, Packard, Desoto, Studebaker, Willys-Kaiser, Moskvitch, Chaika, Gogomobil, Lada, Skoda, Willys-Overland - and a hundred others? Encyclopaedic? Nuh-uh.
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