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Postby Mark1 » February 2nd 2017, 7:37pm

koimaster wrote:Given what you say about the wing placement, I can see the difference in lift and landing. I also understand the blind spot on the Piper given the wing location but didn't you have a blind spot at your 9 and your 3 (high) with the Cessna? Do you have your instrument rating at this point. I know you have been flying for awhile now but not everyone goes out to earn one. I only know a little about civilian aircraft but I imagine this one uses about 10-12 gallons per hour?

Alain, I have quite a few hours of instrument training but never finished it. Winter in Oregon can make it difficult to maintain progress in training. Hillsboro Aviation has several 172s for instrument training (at that time anyway). They are legal for IFR but do not have any anti-ice equipment. This means that if there are any pilot reports of icing (say a 767 pilot coming into PDX reports icing at 25 thousand feet) you cannot legally fly that 172 even though your flight will take place well below the reported icing. Couple that little problem with instrument instructor pilots who quit when their visa runs out or they get a job that actually pays them to fly instead of instructing to build hours. After a lot of delayed progress due to weather cancellations and three different instructors, I gave up on finishing it.
The blind spots are what you described. The only caveat is that with a low wing you are using the windscreen exclusively for your landing references, where in a Cessna you use the windscreen and your side window.
On Tuesday, I flew 1.7 hours and refueled afterwards using just under 14 gallons. So it depends on what you are doing but I plan on 8 gph on average. With the tanks full and legal reserve you have about 5 hours duration on the Cherokee. That's longer than my bladder by a good margin.
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