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Timex & Watch Movements With MEMS

Postby koimaster » June 23rd 2017, 8:42am

It has been a while since the name Timex has been on aBlogtoWatch, which is a bit of an irony given its once proud role in the world of watches. These days, Timex arguably does not produce serious enthusiast watches, and their products - which are still a good value - are mostly basic and utilitarian, or mostly about colorful fashion watches. For a while now, I've heard murmurs from Timex that something is brewing, though it has been hard to tell what. Now, we have received the very interesting news that Timex will be involved in the development and production of next-generation watch movements in partnership with France-based MEMS technology producer SilMach.

Let me first say that, according to Timex, the first watch product to be released that uses some of the new technology they are promising will not come until 2019. With that said, the goal of the joint venture isn't merely to produce watch movements for Timex, but rather to create new types of watch movements, parts, and production techniques that will be available to outside companies. This includes both makers of traditional watches, as well as connected smartwatches. Timex and SilMach promise that the result of their partnership will be truly "disruptive" technology that, among other things, aims to totally replace the reliance on magnet-based Lavet stepping motors used in quartz movement-based watches today.

http://www.ablogtowatch.com/timex-silma ... echnology/


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