Marine Nationale issued Casio G-Shock DW-9000

Marine Nationale issued Casio G-Shock DW-9000

Postby koimaster » January 6th 2015, 1:37am

In the late 1990s the Marine Nationale / French Navy began to issue the Casio G-Shock, model DW-9000, to members of the five Commando groups under the command of COFUSCO (Commandement des Fusiliers Marins Commandos). These are the French Navy Commando groups:

Commando de Pefentenyo – responsible for reconnaissance (and resembling the US Marine Force Reconnaissance).

Commando Jaubert and Commando Trepel – responsible for attacks at sea (such as drilling platforms), exfiltration, and close quarters combat at sea.

Commando de Montfort – specializes in remote neutralizatoin (snipers / marksmen) and support ; within this framework is heavy materials (mortars, anti-tank, etc) and as well as means of designation and lighting for control of support airfire or terrestrial artillery.

Commando Hubert – are those commandos responsible for the role of combat swimmers / underwater actions


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Re: Marine Nationale issued Casio G-Shock DW-9000

Postby Kahuna74 » January 6th 2015, 9:03am

DW-9000 is an awesome Casio. I have owned two in the past. My son still has the one I gave him. Good read ad some cool pictures Koi.
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