GS SBGE001 ~ Testing the Waters

GS SBGE001 ~ Testing the Waters

Postby tiktok » January 6th 2016, 12:08am

As I just received my second GS, this in titanium I am considering letting my first GS, SBGE001 SS spring drive gmt with sapphire bezel, find a new home. Bought from Higuchi in May 2015 so plenty of time on warranty, comes with everything except the rice paper that goes around the blue box. Also came without hang tag but this seems not uncommon from Japan and the serial and warranty match. Has seen minimal/moderate normal wear usage but it's on a bracelet so no lug marks. I will have to take a loupe to it to find any flaws. It is an amazing watch, often cited as one of the top 5 GS options. The MSRP is $5500, I paid $4800, would consider letting it go to a Lord if they were really into it for $4k. Would also consider trade for Rolex or smaller Panerai but I know this forum is not heavy on these unless Smells can be moved to the dark side. Here's the link for the specs: It's a very solid, beautiful piece with incredible lume, Zaratsu blade polishing and it deserves serious wrist time which it is not getting here as I am paring down my larger, heavier pieces. At this point just feeling the tidal flow, not in a rush, but shoot me a pm if you have questions or interest. I've got references although I never wrote an intro post.

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Re: GS SBGE001 ~ Testing the Waters

Postby smellody » January 7th 2016, 6:51pm

It is nice Tok! Great price for a Lord if they would step up.
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Re: GS SBGE001 ~ Testing the Waters

Postby SaoGage » January 7th 2016, 7:09pm

If I didn't buy my SBGA029, I'd of bought this. Shit, I still want to buy it, but there's no way I can afford it right now. Point is, someone should fucking buy this because it's a hell of a watch at a great price.
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Re: GS SBGE001 ~ Testing the Waters

Postby robatsu » January 7th 2016, 7:45pm

I just picked up a new SBGE015, the ti with gold accents variant, after having researched/handled a number of these SBGE001s/015s along with other GS models.

A number of reviews/discussions I read seemed to make the point that this model is an archetypal GS model, if you gotta own just one, this one is a prime choice, that sort of thing.

I definitely agree with all that now having 1 whole day of experience ;) And the bezel is even very useful for me personally since every day, work ones at least, I'm always working with three time zones.

I ended up paying nearly exactly $6k USD. Such is the power of GS aura that it didn't faze my wife for a second when I told her while I was showing it to her - she loves it, or at least fully understands why someone else would, and gets why something like this costs that much and why somebody would easily part with that amount of money for this item.

In other words, SBGE001 is worth every penny and then some, a considerable then some IMO.
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