Now, It's Google. Whoop-De-Do.

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Now, It's Google. Whoop-De-Do.

Postby TemerityB » December 22nd 2016, 8:36pm

Soon to be thrown in a junk drawer near you:

Google To Start Selling 2 New Watches
Android Wear 2.0 refreshes Google’s smartwatch offerings.

Google will make a fresh foray into the smartwatch market by releasing two new devices in early 2017, a company product manager said in a report published Thursday.

Google, which has lagged behind smartwatch rivals Apple and Samsung, will begin selling Android Wear 2.0 watches in next year’s first quarter, Jeff Chiang told The Verge.

“We are working with a partner OEM on flagship watches for Android Wear 2.0,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. The devices will be known by the partner’s name, rather than Google’s.

New features in the Wear 2.0 platform include apps that wearers can run without a phone, and support for Android Pay and the voice-operated Google Assistant, The Verge reported.

Many customers with existing Android Wear watches will get an update to the 2.0 platform.

Tech blogs such as Android Police have been covering leaks about the watches for months. The devices had been nicknamed Angelfish and Swordfish in those early reports. ... a59457b2c7
"This particular blight on the hobby is a desperately lying, valor-stealing, TV watch-hoarding mumpsimus." ― Ancient Samurai Proverb
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Re: Now, It's Google. Whoop-De-Do.

Postby Britboy » December 23rd 2016, 7:58am


I really must be a technical dinosaur, why do I need a watch to tell me what my phone is doing when the phone is within arms reach.
I'm sorry if I don't understand the fascination with these smart watches.
Well, not really sorry but even so. Why?
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