Seiko Branding Dictionary - Authored by Isthmus

Seiko Branding Dictionary - Authored by Isthmus

Postby Darksider » August 18th 2016, 3:20pm

Here is a growing reference list of the general features and attributes that make up Seiko’s different watch related companies, brands, sub-brands and watch product lines/families, both vintage and current. This list does not pretend to be 100% accurate or complete, but hopefully it is close enough to serve as a solid reference guide.

It is important to note that this list is a work in progress and not everything listed here is necessarily specifically a sub brand. For example there are watches that have the tsunami logo on their casebacks yet belong to the Prospex sub-brand, while others do not. As a result, please understand that this list mixes two different but intertwined marketing methods used by Seiko: "model lines" and "specialty badging". In addition, also remember that Seiko freely used more than one sub-brand name on a watch so as to denote a specific attribute not found on the regular sub-brand. For example, some of the 613x & 701x lines of mechanical chronographs were indeed marked "Speedtimer", but there were also those marked "SPORTS Speedtimer". The difference, as we've been told (& confirmed by some research) is that Seiko phased out the "SPORTS" badging by 1975. So, these "specially badged", possibly home market (Japan) varieties of the chronos started being called just "Speedtimer" in 1975. So, it could be wise to refer to the "SPORTS" & "Speedtimer" as special badging (like certain car manufacturers specially badge a limited edition of a standard model).

If any watch brands, sub brands, product lines or special badges are missing from the list, please point it out so they can be added. Please contribute any information you have and feel free to expand and/or correct anything already posted. Thank you. ... onary.html

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