How to read Citizen case backs and numbers.

How to read Citizen case backs and numbers.

Postby koimaster » March 4th 2016, 9:54am


Over the years Citizen have changed their watch case back markings, whilst they have also used special backs on their high grade watches and certain specific models. This page attempts to show the basic types and how to interpret the information that case backs give – often crucial to determining the authenticity of the watch. I’ll cover special case backs on a separate page.

After the very early models using the ‘F’ type movement, Citizen began to develop a wider model range and towards the end of the 1940s and particularly in the 1950s a number of models were in production. Each of these used various case designs, with different case materials, and the case back markings began to reflect this. I have identified three core formats, and I’ll show these in the following sections, along with some of the variants that can be found – one of the joys of this for the collector is the variety of case backs that occur as result.

The late 1950s also saw the introduction of serial numbers, which are very useful to us of course, because we can determine the date of production. More on that later.

Before covering the three basic designs, a word about the very early models. Little information is stamped on the back – typically it may relate only to the case back material:


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