When.Seiko Ruled Modern Watch Design

When.Seiko Ruled Modern Watch Design

Postby tiktok » June 15th 2018, 9:41pm

I've been through close to thirty Seikos of various build levels and from different time periods though primarily those built since Y2K. I have gotten tired of some of the contemporary design features particularly the thickness of the case, the surge in pricing and the anarchic design motifs that keep one guessing, " What will they think of next. I think the high end dive watches blow away other divers but I have no use of a giant shroud in my soup.

Recently I bought a 1972 61GS Hi Beat in excellent condition for under a thousand dollars and this watch displays many attributes I find more appealing than say a contemporary Hi Beat. The original Hi Beat was designed by Tanaka-San whose philosophy of design has evolved into "The Grammar of Design" the Seiko bible of design philosophy.

Here's a shot of my 61GS. The first thing I noticed about the watch was the thinness and flatness of the watch. It's about 12 mm thick compared to the typical 15 mm we are now accustomed to. Apparently thinness did not impede time keeping as these watches were as accurate as COSC or better. The other notable aspect of the watch is the planes and angles of the case, which are not as precise as current zaratsu finishes but were incredibly brilliant at the time which brings us to the real problem with 61GS watches today. The planes and angles that came out of the factory razor sharp have been polished especially by pawnbrokers causing these beauties to lose their crisp edges. Still one can find the rare unpolished model for around a thousand dollars, ahelluva deal on an amazing watch.

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Re: When.Seiko Ruled Modern Watch Design

Postby biglove » June 15th 2018, 11:08pm

Damned hot.
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