The Case of the Vietnam "SOG" Seiko - 6119-8100/6119-8101

The Case of the Vietnam "SOG" Seiko - 6119-8100/6119-8101

Postby koimaster » December 7th 2017, 10:43am

From the SCWF forum. It is too bad photobucket has screwed people with their blackmail attempts. Good article, some photos are left but even wayback could not bring up the OP photos.

Hi All,

About six or seven years ago I was sent a copied page out of a book called "Running Recon: A Photo Journey with SOG Special Ops along the Ho Chi Minh Trail", by Frank Greco. A militaria collector friend of mine thought I might like to see the military looking Seiko 5 which purportedly was issued to Recon teams members including Indigenous "Yards" who were working with the teams.

You know the saying don't get me started, well this little bit of information got my full, undivided attention and I spent quite a bit of time studying this model and all it's period variants and thought I would share my observations.

What I discovered was that the only two models that fit the pictured watch on page 94 were the 6119-8100 & 6119-8101. There was also an earlier model which was very similar, the 6619-8060 which is dated 7/66, and a 6119-8090 dated 8/69.

The 6119-8100 is dated 3/68, while the 6119-8101 has a D/68 date and between the two models I can't really see any differences. Could it be like on the divers that there is a 0 for domestic and a 1 for export? Since I can see no mechanical or cosmetic differences in either of them I think that theory has merit. ... 101-a.html


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