Forum portections against spammers and hackers

Forum portections against spammers and hackers

Postby koimaster » November 29th 2011, 8:20am

Spammers and Hackers have become an issue on many forums in the last year or so. At Watchlords, Noob and I take this seriously. We vet members wanting to register here but that does not mean background checks contrary to the claims of a former member here. It does mean you must be an active member of another forum, or be known to one of the members here. If that is not possible, your email is one of several things checked. I have had well over 100 come back as spoofs and many more come back from blacklists which I subscribe to.

We have also implemented policies through the admin console which checks in real time spammer names used in the past and currently as well as IPS and emails.

A script developed for the forum will not allow outside scripts to be activated on the forum. These outside scripts could be placed inside photos or links so our script disables them. How it does it will not be disclosed but it is very effective.

Forumotion, the hosting site also runs real time protections in the background. Forumotions forums which have been hacked had not implemented the protections offered to them nor developed any of their own protections. We are always looking for ways to protect privacy here.

No administrator on this forum has your password nor can they obtain them unless you give them that information. We can change your password with a temporary one if you lose your current one. No one has access to your email but Noob and I nor can anyone obtain them. Having been on the receiving end of ID theft caused by the former owners of WG and the invasion of my privacy, I can tell you that your privacy is paramount to me.


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