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Vostok classification database draft

PostPosted: May 18th 2011, 6:50am
by koimaster

Below is just a bit of the information in the thread link at WUS. A great resource for those loving Russian watches. Note new member NHT has contributed to the information in the thread.

The Maiers did a great job in their page on distinguishing between some Vostok sports watch models, but I have a feeling that a more comprehensive list can be drawn up. Let's make a start:

Amphibia: "0" third digit means stainless steel case

Case type: 350
Characteristics: swivel lugs

Case type: 420
Characteristics: "oversize" round case

Case type: 710
Characteristics: current model Ministry case

Case type: 060
Characteristics: long case with hidden lugs

Still need to find: case type numbers of octagonal case, small round case (which might be 920, requires verification), tonneau case etc, and add period of production for each and movement(s) used.

Komandirskie: "1" third digit means chrome plated brass, "9" means titanium nitrite plated brass.

Case type: 34x
Characteristics: "Generalskie" type case with smoothly extending crown guards.

Case type: 92x
Characteristics: round case

Case type: 21x
Characteristics: case with "stepped extensions towards the lugs, very small crown guards.

Case type: 43x
Characteristics: round case with angular tapering lugs and wide crown guards.

Case type: 81x
Characteristics: round case with flared lugs and small crown guards.

Case type: 53x
Characteristics: star shape case with 2 o'clock crown, first made as Generalskie, from 2004-5 sold as Komandirskie


Case type: 470
Characteristics: Octogonal case

Case type: 630 / 1190
Characteristics: 300m tonneau case

Case type: 960
Characteristics: recent "Neptune" case

Case type: 420
Characteristics: current round case


Case type: 33x
Characteristics: case with 2 o'clock crown

Case type: 350
Characteristics: round case, swivel lugs
Movement: 2209, 2214
Reference pages:
Mark Gordon Nos. 0662, 0754, 1135, 1298
Michele Cuoccio:

Note: Although the Maiers' page shows one with flat-ended Amphibia crown, it has date (presumably 2214 movement) and regular Amphibia hands. Those shown by Phil have dome-tipped crowns and earlier forms of hands, including one with paddle hands. Mark Gordon's 0662 also shows dome-tipped crown, but with unusual combination of hands and a Komandirskie-signed dial with date, powered by a 2214 movement. An example was used by Yuri Viktorovitch Romanenko in the Soyuz 38 space mission, September 1980.

Case type: 470
Characteristics: octagonal case, often with dial signed Albatross
Movement: 2409, 2409A
Reference pages:
Mark Gordon Nos. 0115, 0740, 0787, 1195, 1245
Michele Cuoccio:
Robert Prochowicz:

Note: Mark Gordon's 1195 is fitted with a Komandirskie MOD dial with date and powered by a 2234 movement. Robert Prochowicz's 3037 appears to have a 2414 movement and Komandirskie hands, which may or may not be original. Most, if not all of them are equipped with a soft metal antimagnetic shield covering the back of the movement. Examples have been documented with polished or brushed finish on the case.

Case type: 960
Characteristics: "Neptune" case, single lug in middle
Movement: 2409, 2414b 21-jewel and 31-jewel
Reference page:
Ed Brandwein:
Mark Gordon Nos. 0208, 0547

Re: Vostok classification database draft

PostPosted: May 18th 2011, 7:01am
by boscoe
This is Vostok, not Vostok Europe, which was sold on TV.
Different animals

Re: Vostok classification database draft

PostPosted: May 19th 2011, 10:21am
by Guest
2 files are available for download with latest updates (all credits to Seele):

Komandirskie file -> Download

Amphibia file -> Download

Re: Vostok classification database draft

PostPosted: May 15th 2019, 9:08am
by koimaster