Philip Watch

Philip Watch

Postby koimaster » July 2nd 2019, 8:26am

This brand along with Chase-Durer were the only brands on the shopping networks I ever thought were worth a damn. Unlike other brands the reps, Paul Woods and Chase-Durer owner Marianne were class acts and did not go ever the edge with claims about granny lalo.

BORN IN 1858

By the Swiss Community in Italy with the name Philip Watch, the brand has always represented the finest in Swiss watch mechanisms and technology united with Italian flair and design, creating products of exceptional quality with elegant, timeless style.




I believe Mr. Cooper now has this one.

Formed a decade ago by Hollywood film producers Brandon and Marianne Chase, the company structure was based on the need for realistically-priced, top quality Swiss Watches specifically directed to the needs of professional pilots, both civilian and military. The design process began after months of consultation with all categories of flyers. It was only after this research that the precision timepieces went to the drawing boards, then to prototype testing and finally into production.

The reaction to the CHASE-DURER "look" and to its functionality, ruggedness and dependability was instantly acknowledged by the aviation world. Not only were their most important needs incorporated into the watches, but CHASE-DURER created a pricing structure that raised eyebrows within the industry by eliminating the exorbitant profits demanded by other companies making similar (though not as attractive) timepieces. "prices for top quality Swiss Watches include thousands of dollars of profit on each watch for the manufacturer and this is simply not necessary," said company founder Brandon Chase. "There is no need to go beyond fair pricing for top quality to maintain our company's success and our customers' support," said Chase. Today, thousands of military and commercial pilots in many nations covet their CHASE-DURER Watches. Hundreds of unsolicited rave reviews are on file at the CHASE-DURER offices. Many of them are posted on this website. Repeat buyers are counted in the thousands. Following their success in the aviation world, CHASE-DURER entered into another form of military timepiece, the ultra-rugged SPECIAL FORCES Underwater Demolition Team Chronograph series. Again the company met with officers and enlisted men from Special Forces units and, before long, the unique SF 1000 was born.


Since the creation of its first watches, CHASE-DURER has spread its wings and created an entire collection of quality Swiss watches that enjoy the very special "look" and pricing that continue to be the buzz of the industry. The Collection is the largest Chronograph selection of Military, Special Forces, Pilot, Racing, Diving and Ladies' Sport Watches available. The range is complete, from moderately priced models to diamond and 18K gold models. Scores of different choices have been designed to satisfy the needs of discerning watch buyers in every field of endeavor, offering a wide selection of features within a popular price range.

The CHASE-DURER two-year international incremental warranty is possible only because of the stringent quality control maintained by the Company, and the design and construction elements specifically dedicated to dependability and ruggedness.

Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, the company is a fast-growing Watch manufacturing/distribution company. CHASE-DURER is proudly displayed in hundreds of retail sites, with the number growing steadily. These fine precision instruments can also be found at the United States Naval Academy, West Point and the Air force Academy. Among the many professionals who wear CHASE-DURER timepieces is world-renowned test pilot Robert Gilliland, who was first to fly the SR-71 Spy Plane, THE BLACKBIRD, and who has flown higher and faster than any pilot in history. Among proud owners are Generals, Admirals, Combat and Commercial Pilots, Fighting Ground troops, Doctors, Lawyers, Industry Leaders and so many others who require and enjoy the unique power, performance and design of true CHASE-DURER Swiss precision.


Tens of millions of television viewers have been introduced to CHASE-DURER on prime time network television programs such as JEOPARDY, HOLLYWOOD SQUARES, WHEEL OF FORTUNE, THE PRICE IS RIGHT, SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP and others. Network television host Pat Sajak owns three CHASE-DURER timepieces. Many film celebrities wear the Watches.

For most of the decade, CHASE-DURER Watches have been exposed to millions of magazine readers in full-page color ads in such major publications as ESQUIRE, DISCOVER, SMITHSONIAN, MAXIM, GQ, PLAYBOY, POPULAR MECHANICS, MEN’S JOURNAL, DUPONT REGISTRY, MILLIONAIRE, and dozens more. The company participates in major Jewelry and Watch trade shows around the world. This exposure assures that the company will continue growing its significant Dealer, Distributor and Customer base. CHASE-DURER is a charter member of the AMERICAN WATCH GUILD and serves on the Advisory Board together with CARTIER, ROLEX, JAEGER LE COULTRE and VACHERON CONSTANTIN.

CHASE-DURER for those who know Watches.


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Re: Philip Watch

Postby svaglic » July 2nd 2019, 9:45am

I’m still looking for a good priced Philip three hander with a hidden crown. I have the 7750.
Still looking for this one. Saw this one on WIT over a year ago, but he wanted too much for it.
I’m also looking for a lugless Philip Caribbean, probably will get the vintage and newer one when I can find a decent price for them.
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Re: Philip Watch

Postby conjurer » July 2nd 2019, 9:55am

Philip was one of those under-the-radar brands that the old Shop carried way back. From what I heard, Philip was using ShopNBC to get some brand recognition in the US market, and so were selling to the "network" well below cost to get this done. Apparently, it didn't work out, and Philip got tired of losing money
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Re: Philip Watch

Postby TemerityB » July 2nd 2019, 7:10pm

conjurer wrote:Philip was one of those under-the-radar brands that the old Shop carried way back. From what I heard, Philip was using ShopNBC to get some brand recognition in the US market, and so were selling to the "network" well below cost to get this done. Apparently, it didn't work out, and Philip got tired of losing money

Philip is OK with me. Own a couple and they've been rock-solid.
I bought a dive watch from them that literally had “dive” in the name. The instructions said not to dive with it - it was only meant to LOOK like a dive watch. It was also fast by more that a minute per day. Garbage. Never again. - IWG buyer on Reddit
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Re: Philip Watch

Postby 3Flushes » July 2nd 2019, 7:47pm

I have the 7750 which I fixed at the recommendation of the members here early on. Had a little balance staff issue, fixed for cheap, and has run like a top since. I've gifted most of my quartz watches, but I kept all of my CD's, they have always been my favorite xtra complicated watches.

Haven't talked to Maryanne Chase since I left California- been a little homesick; maybe I'll try to catch up to her at the races after the fair.

Cool times back then.
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Re: Philip Watch

Postby Nuvolari » July 4th 2019, 11:23am

It was one of the first brands I had never heard before, but bought anyway - however, it was from someone I had actually met in person from PMWF, so I trusted him. Bare-bones ETA (2892? Hell, I forget now...) three hander with date - but, most importantly, it appealed to my hack & handwind mechanical sensibilities. Somewhat ironically I seldom wear it because it simply falls into that grey area somewhere between say, Omega and Orient...

Still, a very reasonable option even today.

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