Top 5 bronze watches on Instagram

Top 5 bronze watches on Instagram

Postby koimaster » June 21st 2019, 9:36am

As bronze gains in popularity, which watches and which brands are making their mark online?

While watch brands make a point of using innovative materials, often developed in-house, one of the materials making a breakthrough of late has been around a few thousand years. Bronze has the special appeal that, as it oxidises, it acquires a patina. Hence each bronze watch ages differently, developing its own unique appearance over time. In a market that values personalisation, the trend for bronze-cased watches, in particular dive watches, is showing no signs of stopping. Bronze is going for gold! ... instagram/


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Re: Top 5 bronze watches on Instagram

Postby conjurer » June 21st 2019, 10:09am

Not a Glycine in the bunch, the revolting fucking cocksuckers!!
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Re: Top 5 bronze watches on Instagram

Postby Thunder1 » June 21st 2019, 10:25am

Ebels are a lot like women that lack a low cut dress that zips up the side...neither get the love that they deserve...
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Re: Top 5 bronze watches on Instagram

Postby Hawk » June 21st 2019, 10:31am


WTF is that? Like twitter with pictures?
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