Talking Watches With Moki Martin

Talking Watches With Moki Martin

Postby koimaster » November 12th 2018, 3:37pm

Underwater demolition, HALO jumps, and SEAL Team 1 – today we sit down with a remarkable man named Moki and his military watches.

To a special niche within the watch collecting community, military-issued watches are the object of great fascination. From WWII field watches to Milsubs and Kon-Tiki IDFs, a watch with a military-specific past is undoubtedly a special and rare thing that survives as a token from a life spent in a very specific sort of role. In my mind, better still is a military-issued watch whose original owner is not only still alive, but still loves his watches. All of this serves as an introduction to Philip "Moki" Martin, one of the most interesting and humble collectors I have ever met. A veteran of the Vietnam War, Moki still has the watch that was issued to him after graduating into the Underwater Demolition Team in 1965, along with a few other gems that also share some sort of connection to his life in the Navy. ... 1cc48dd36b


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Re: Talking Watches With Moki Martin

Postby foghorn » November 12th 2018, 3:48pm

His left wrist has the telltale mark of a real WIS.
What a contrast seeing an experienced badass being interviewed by a hipster doofus.
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