Aged to Perfection: The Patina Trend

Aged to Perfection: The Patina Trend

Postby Racer-X » November 3rd 2018, 11:28am

"One of the most interesting evolutions in vintage watch collecting has been the desire to move away from watches that have been restored and polished to look “like new” in favour of watches in original condition with honest “patina” showing nicks, scratches and fading that may have developed over the course of decades of wear.

As with many trends, it is hard to track the exact origin of this desire, but certainly one of the places it originated was in Japan where the “wabi-sabi” aesthetic approach values imperfection developed over time. In Japan, this has affected their watch collecting for many years, particularly in regard to vintage Rolex sports watches. Japanese collectors have long liked seeing original cases with the beauty of scratches and fading on original parts such as bezel inserts on Submariners and GMT-Masters after years of wear, compared with vintage watches that were made to look like new. And of particular interest and desirability was a black dial that turned brown or “tropical” due to fading over time."
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Re: Aged to Perfection: The Patina Trend

Postby smellody » November 3rd 2018, 4:55pm

My 5508 has a little street cred. .. 60 years worth. That's almost as d as Foggy.

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