Thunder Out of China

Thunder Out of China

Postby koimaster » June 27th 2018, 8:38am

How This Trip Began

I’ve ridden motorcycles all over the world, from South Africa to the UK, Sardinia to Germany, Spain and even Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and across the United States.

Despite having studied Chinese language and literature in college at USC and Oberlin College and having traveled extensively all over China (as a tour guide for InterPacific Tours International and then for work), I had never ridden motorcycles anywhere in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

I celebrated a significant birthday in 2017 and thought the time was perfect to right this wrong and ride in China. When I first got this idea, everyone I talked to about it said it was impossible. My Chinese teacher recommended that I not even bother trying, and others told me it was way too dangerous. Motorcycle touring just wasn’t a thing in China, and motorcycles in general are unwanted there (in the big cities, motorcycles are not allowed on the freeways).

I didn’t let that stop me. After doing some research, I booked our tour in Yunnan Province with Jah She at Ride China Motorcycle Tours. Yunnan is an area of China I had never visited (the farthest west for me had been Chengdu, in Sichuan Province). Ride China is a one-stop shop — Jah takes care of everything (bikes, route, hotels, meals and more) — all we had to do was pay and show up in Kunming, the City of Eternal Spring, our starting point.

The Gang of Eight

I didn’t want to do this trip alone, so I invited seven of my best motorcycling friends in the world to go with me.

They were: Kalen R. Strandberg (a TV post production supervisor living in Hollywood, and my son), Evan K. Strandberg (the business development director for IQ Credit Union in Portland, and also my son), Doug Funk (the owner of an excavation company from Pennsylvania), Paul Benkley (a managing director from Geneva), Yvan Arpa (the owner of ArtyA Watch Company and my sparring partner, from Geneva), Mike Kirkham (a property manager in London and my roommate during our South Africa motorcycle trip) and Thomas “Doc” Geracioti (a psychiatrist and my best friend from childhood — we grew up riding minibikes and then motorcycles together). This was an eclectic group from disparate backgrounds, but I was sure that we would all get along.

We would certainly endure some hardships along the way, which have a way of bringing people together. ... ina-storm/


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Re: Thunder Out of China

Postby conjurer » June 27th 2018, 9:07am

I had some thunder coming out of my butt earlier today.
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Re: Thunder Out of China

Postby Falstaff » June 27th 2018, 11:48am

conjurer wrote:I had some thunder coming out of my butt earlier today.

Interestingly, a slang term for a chamber pot (frequently made out of china) is "thunder mug".
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Re: Thunder Out of China

Postby AlbertaTime » June 27th 2018, 3:01pm

Thanks for this, Alain!
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Re: Thunder Out of China

Postby AntFarm » June 27th 2018, 3:08pm

conjurer wrote:I had some thunder coming out of my butt earlier today.

That was funny...
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Re: Thunder Out of China

Postby bobbee » June 27th 2018, 3:19pm

AntFarm wrote:
conjurer wrote:I had some thunder coming out of my butt earlier today.

That was funny...

You were fucking there? I hope you kept out of the line of fire, I should imagine his ass shoots out cabriole leg flechettes by the kilo.
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Re: Thunder Out of China

Postby artman » June 27th 2018, 3:32pm

Not impressed. They didn't see the Terracotta Warriors.
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