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Charles Vermot, reactionary or visionary?

PostPosted: June 19th 2018, 4:22pm
by koimaster
A watch and a good meal. Here is the reward that Charles Vermot had received from his direction for saving the Zenith factory. Everyone remembers the story of this ordinary hero.

We are in 1975, in the middle of the quartz crisis . Charles Vermot had, alone against all, hidden the 150 stamps that were used to manufacture the El Primero. A ton of steel, carried, piece by piece, under the eaves of the manufactory which he had taken care of walling the entrance. Conscientious, he had previously recorded each cam, cutting tool, and stamp in a binder, hoping that one day all these obsolete objects could be used again.

Without being against progress, I see that the world is so made. In the sense that he always has backtracking. You are wrong to believe in the total stop of the automatic mechanical chrono. So I am sure that one day your business will benefit from the fads and fashions that the world has always known.

Thus Charles Vermot finished his letter addressed to the direction of Zenith. How should we interpret these few words. Was Charles Vermot just a nostalgic? a lover of the beautiful watchmaking work? A refractory to change? Or a visionary who had already anticipated the return of the mechanical watch, well before Nicolas Hayek . ... l-primero/

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