Beginner’s Guide to Water-Resistance and Wristwatches

Beginner’s Guide to Water-Resistance and Wristwatches

Postby koimaster » May 21st 2018, 11:43am

Waterproof – the one word in the horological lexicon that can cause more confusion than any others.

When and how a watch should be used in water is a matter of great debate but one inarguable fact remains: some watches are more water-resistant than others (and that’s technically different from “waterproof”; more on that later).

Diver’s watches are capable of withstanding depths of up to 200m and beyond, and in rare cases (no pun intended) even multiple kilometres below the surface. Whilst such the capabilities of such dive watches are rarely questioned, it’s often that the water-resistance of other watches are.

With so much confusion as to the real-world meaning of the numbers stamped on the dial or case back, where does the truth lie? As Alexander Pope put it, “A little learning is a dangerous thing”; and the answer goes deeper than just depth ratings.

When considering whether or not to take the plunge, the numbers on the dial are actually the least of your concerns. Many other factors, often rarely discussed or understood, determine the water-resistance ... tches.html


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