origami, nanotubes and capsules

origami, nanotubes and capsules

Postby koimaster » May 18th 2018, 8:11am

Technologically obsolete, the art of watchmaking continues largely thanks to the appeal of its ingenious exploits. But even doubling, tripling, or quadrupling tourbillons is becoming old hat. Audiences are getting bored. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, watchmaking marched in the vanguard of science; it was a tool for basic research into navigation, astronomy, ballistics and chemistry, to name just some examples. But what if mechanical watchmaking – based on a whole new kind of mechanism – returned to the forefront of science?

Research conducted in recent years is now resulting in actual products which brilliantly demonstrate that mechanisms are not dead by a long chalk – and that a complete renaissance is possible.

Scientific watchmaking in the 21st century

The leads being pursued in this renaissance are many and varied: at HYT, they take the form of liquids and capsules, at Zenith, carbon nanotube balance springs and a new, monolithic regulator. Greubel Forsey is conducting advanced research into nanotechnology, while Dominique Renaud is focusing on micro-pivots and blades. And those are just some examples, because other brands have also begun research into regulators.

Besides these, new, ‘compliant’ forms of mechanism, together with origami mechanisms, are opening up truly new prospects, although these have so far been confined largely to the laboratory. But combined with advances in robotics, they could well be ushering in mechanisms so radically different that it is hard to predict how mechanical watches will look in ten years’ time. If they still exist at all.

https://www.europastar.com/time-busines ... s-and.html


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