Mighty Return of Ultra-Thin Watches

Mighty Return of Ultra-Thin Watches

Postby koimaster » May 5th 2018, 10:00pm

Miniaturisation has always been one of the watchmaking industry’s main objectives. With the advent of complicated watches and the development of the wristwatch, this issue became critical. Fitting multiple functions into a single movement, which has to remain wearable, requires re-imagining space. This also led to the development of ultra-thin watches, guided initially by a desire for elegance, but also in the framework of constant improvement. Popular since the 1960s but slightly forgotten during the 2000s (with the trend for large timepieces), ultra-thin watches recently made a strong comeback – a trend that has sparked open warfare between Piaget and Bvlgari – amongst others.
The concept of the ultra-thin wristwatch is nothing new but it’s Piaget and the iconic Altiplano model that bring it into the spotlight. In 1957, Piaget introduced Calibre 9P; the thinnest mechanical movement ever created, it was fitted inside a watch that was thinner than anything that had ever been seen before. This ultra-thin hand-wound movement was just 2mm thick, resulting in watches barely thicker than 4mm. Considering the lack of computer-aided production, Calibre 9P is still considered an incredible development.

https://monochrome-watches.com/the-retu ... rspective/


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Re: Mighty Return of Ultra-Thin Watches

Postby TemerityB » May 6th 2018, 3:19pm

Totally concur about PIaget's thin watches. I've always been in awe; another of those things I will like only admire from afar, but admire nonetheless.
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Re: Mighty Return of Ultra-Thin Watches

Postby foghorn » May 6th 2018, 4:04pm

Thanks for the article. I always wanted the skinny on thin watches.
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Re: Mighty Return of Ultra-Thin Watches

Postby tiktok » May 6th 2018, 4:38pm

In the battle of the skinny watches it's Bvlgari vs Piaget, funny cause the two boutiques are next door to each other in NYC. I would have to go with the Bvlgari Finissimo with its Genta DNA. Both amazing watches.

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