The (Not So) Complete Story Of Rock And Roll And Watches

The (Not So) Complete Story Of Rock And Roll And Watches

Postby Racer-X » April 5th 2018, 10:28pm

by Jan Lidmaňský "The mechanical watch works just like a metronome, with its isochronic balance maintaining a steady rhythm and the delicate tick-tock of its pallet jewels providing a rhythmic beat to our oft-frantic lives. If we ramp up the power and swap the metronome for a drum kit and a few electric guitars we have rock and roll! But which watches do rock-and-roll icons wear?"

Article at Quill & Pad
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Re: The (Not So) Complete Story Of Rock And Roll And Watches

Postby TemerityB » April 6th 2018, 11:58am

Couple of other things that people noted:

In 2007, there was a Rolling Stone cover with Keith Richards and Johnny Depp - and on that cover, Richards was actually wearing a Stauer watch. Can't remember if it was that goofy "guitar" watch that Croton later copied, but it was definitely a Stauer, since music blogs filled up with the question: WTF is Keith Richards doing wearing a $200 watch? Which was heartening, since even they realize that Stauer is Sunday supplement shit.

Apparently, Raymond Weil has a hit on its hands with the rock-themed watches. They followed up the original Beatles watch, with an Abbey Road-themed one (tiny Beatles are "crossing the road" on the lower part of the dial). In December, they followed that up with a watch paying homage to David Bowie; the pic is my own bad shot from beneath the glass at Macy's.

Since many people weren't in lockstep with his beloved cheese box shit watch brand, The Cruise King ran off blowing snot bubbles, far away from his once-beloved forum. Here, eat this mudpie, Paw Paw. It tastes like a Hershey bar. Go ahead, dig in.
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