The crap you read on the internet

The crap you read on the internet

Postby Pubbie » March 2nd 2018, 9:04am

In a meeting today with a eurotrash cunt whose company has just bought ours. Wearing two solid inches of brand-new, urban-gentry Zenith pilot watch. I remember the internet shite from when this came out in the bad old days - "finally, a proper size", "at least they didn't downsize it for girls and faggots, like IWC did", "this is sure to get me noticed in das nichtklub". So here are some original Zenith pilots for you:
41mm. Bullshit. ... 553867.htm
40mm. Fuck off. ... 486790.htm
42mm. Twat. ... 750892.htm
36mm. Piss artist.

Christ, but the rich man's internet is full of prime, lubricated horsecock, isn't it?
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