Black & Grey Market Watches Are TROUBLE

Black & Grey Market Watches Are TROUBLE

Postby koimaster » February 20th 2018, 10:44am

An In-Depth look at an Industry Issue by The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institate.

Luxury watches, carefully crafted with high quality parts and exceptional watchmaking skills, reveal the true creativity, craft and expertise of watchmakers. So much so, that people who cannot pay the price for the luxury brands are sometimes willing to pay a discounted rate for counterfeits or black market watches, just to “look the part.”

What’s the Difference Between a Black and Grey Market Watch?

A black market watch is a stolen, counterfeit or fake watch. Grey market watches are genuine products that are sold through an unauthorized source. These will not have a warranty and probably will not have the same resale value as a watch from an authorized dealer. (Read more about grey market watches later in this article.) ... t-watches/


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