seiko accuracy when left dormant

seiko accuracy when left dormant

Postby majt » January 31st 2018, 10:53am

Ive noticed that after not wearing my seiko watches,(not on winder), they loose their initial accuracy. What i mean is that sometimes after a month or less of non use, I'll put on a seiko and the accuracy goes from 2-5 secs minus a day to 25-30 secs slow per 12 hours....I put on a second gen monster after a 2week layoff and it was 25 sec slow over a 12 hr period. I ve put on a sarb 033 and not quite as slow but considerably slower than when purchased. does the fact that these seikos are dormant for a few weeks effect their accuracy?
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Re: seiko accuracy when left dormant

Postby bedlam » January 31st 2018, 5:51pm

Can't see why. As long as they are not being left near a source of magnetism, like a speaker or radio (with speakers in it).

I haven't noticed the problem personally and have a number of Seiko watches currently and have had scores over the years.
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Re: seiko accuracy when left dormant

Postby conjurer » January 31st 2018, 6:08pm

I haven't seen anything like this, either. What I have noticed is that most Japanese automatics, particularly Orients (with power reserves, which makes it easier to tell) as well as 7S26 Seiko movements, tend to get kind of wonky in the bottom half of their power reserve.
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Re: seiko accuracy when left dormant

Postby smellody » January 31st 2018, 6:14pm

Maybe swiss lubricants are superior.
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Re: seiko accuracy when left dormant

Postby Racer-X » January 31st 2018, 6:16pm

Doesn't sound right to me unless you're using a mobile app or the FC thing to time them, which can be wrong. My SARB don't have this issue, but two 7S26 have been off minutes, but that's over years.
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Re: seiko accuracy when left dormant

Postby biglove » January 31st 2018, 8:05pm

Haven’t seen this issue in any Seiko I have owned.
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