An argument for quartz watches

Re: An argument for quartz watches

Postby Hawk » January 3rd 2018, 12:04pm

As perhaps a symptom of old age and libertarianism I can no longer stereotype movements without noting sufficient exceptions that the stereotype invalidates itself.

As a f'rinstance a dislike of stuttering second hands if carried to its logical conclusion would result in a collector owning nothing other than spring drives. A 21,600 mechanical movement with excessive gear lash stutters plenty - more than a 36K, less than the typical quartz but one is generally left staking out a position that's something of a compromise.

Autos and mechanicals aren't that fragile but they're fragile enough. Using the Hawk's inadvertent "bedside table to tile floor" test one Ball diver dented the bezel sufficient that it now turns only with the aid of a Stillson wrench while a Cincinnati Express made the trip from Florida to California Ball AD 4 times before some microscopic transparent piece was located. It was non-warranty and I covered the nut for the first trip but the AD had to suck up subsequent trips until they got it right. Making it doubly frustrating was that it wouldn't malfunction on a watch winder - it needed the various positions a wrist-worn product goes through to manifest the fuckup.

People (including the OP and the Rewster's link) say "quartz" like they're all the same which is of course bogus. There are quartz movements that power watches that are sold for a hefty profit at 10 bucks that live in the same world as a Seiko 9F62 and Citizen A660 the later of which exceeds the accuracy of the Omega Marine Chronometer. Or ETA thermolines or the late hardly lamented Rolex Oysterquartz. The GS 9F62 has a "sealed cabin" that they claim gives a service interval of 50 years and looks to be impervious to all but the most enthusiastic of exploding batteries (I haven't put it to the test yet). The 9F62 has a spring that addresses visible gear lash - perhaps one the better examples of GS obsession with details.

Someplace against this backdrop one will find a 75.00 Stuhrling with a 90 cent mechanical movement sitting in close proximity to a Citizen Chronomaster A660 for 3,500.00.

Anyone believing the mechanical piece of Stuhrling crap, cased up after dark in Kowloon is superior to the Chronomaster A660 clearly has a different perspective than I have. Given a choice between 50 Stuhrlings and one A660 Chronomaster I'm all over the quartz and will gladly leave the 50 mechanicals to those who think all mechanicals are more desirable than all quartz. Not all automatics are made by Dufour and not all quartz are made by Ronda in Samut Prakan or some unknown sweat shop in Harbin China.

Ball discontinuing their quartz was a bad move simply because if they're to claim Web Ball as the spiritual head of the joint it's a slam dunk that Web Ball would have decorated his cupcakes over quartz accuracy. By indications accuracy was all he gave a shit about.
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