The island of misfit toys

The island of misfit toys

Postby koimaster » December 24th 2017, 12:12am

Interesting to relate, I can now buy a brand new, but apparently discontinued watch model from a third party vendor for nearly half off the suggested retail price, AND I can even get the assurance of the manufacturer's warranty! I have to wonder just how warm and fuzzy that makes the regular retail partners feel. They have, after all, purchased stock from brand X in good faith, and then have the pleasure of their customers calling to ask about purchasing a particular item that they found online through a site that is not only offering the watch at a deep, deep discount, but in some instances indicating that the watch is going to be covered by the brand's two year warranty. I can also imagine that a few uncomfortable conversations take place, with first the retail partner realizing that their formerly loyal customer will be shopping elsewhere, and then the retail partner picking up the phone to "share their feelings" with the brand manager or sales rep. ... -toys.html


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