Century of Manufacturers of Chronometers"

Century of Manufacturers of Chronometers"

Postby koimaster » October 24th 2017, 11:16am

In Le Château des Monts in Le Locle, until the end of September, an exhibition devoted to the history of the production of chronometers is worth a visit.

In 2010, Le Chateau de Mont was not accidentally chosen to represent the world of chronometry. In 2009, the first in the 21st century international contest of manufacturers of chronometers, timed to the 50th anniversary of the watch museum in Le Locle (Le Locle Watchmaking Museum), was already held here. The city of Le Locle has a rich history associated with the watch business, and is one of the main centers of production of marine chronometers.

The exhibition "Century of Chronometer Manufacturers" presents all 16 exhibits from the exposition of the International Chronometry Contest 2009, in three thematic groups: the long journey of the sea chronometer; masters of chronometry; observatories and achievements in the field of synchronization, which contribute to the ideal accuracy of chronometers. These topics help to trace the different stages of the evolution of mechanical watches, increase their accuracy, and also to understand the main principles and methods of time synchronization in astronomical and chronometric observatories.

The exhibition underscores the importance of research in marine chronometry, so necessary for the precise determination of coordinates in the sea, which was conducted by John Harrison in the eighteenth century. It shows the interaction of theory and practice, school and masters of the 19th century, whose products have created a modern reputation for the Swiss watch industry. Finally, it reveals the role of astronomical, and chronometric observatories in the certification of watches, up to the exhibits that participated in 2009 in the international contest of chronometer manufacturers.

"Century of Chronometer Manufacturers" is a dialogue between the past and the present, a tribute to researchers and those who became known as "the giants of watchmaking", to all who are seized with a passion for precision and perfection. The success of the 2009 contest, which, by the way, will be repeated in 2011, and the exhibition of this year, show the great importance of traditions and today's achievements in chronometry.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see more than 70 exhibits, including marine and ship chronometers, pocket watches and wristwatches (including about 20 tourbillons), as well as a number of high-precision regulators. Co-exhibits belong to the collections of the Le Locle Watchmaking Museum, La Chaux-de-Fonds, the manufacturer of Girard-Perregaux and private collections, as well as the participants of Chronometry Contest 2009. The exhibition also accompanies the display of three videos: "The Chronometric Observatory of Neuchâtel" (TSR, 1985), "The Fabulous Fates of Inventions - And Then Was the Longitude" (Axel Engstfeld Productions, 2002), "Stop the Time-Tests in International Chronometry Contest »(HE-Arc, 2009).



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