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Re: The Matryoshka doll of Doxa and friends

PostPosted: November 21st 2017, 6:36am
by Wasp
biglove wrote:
svaglic wrote:
koimaster wrote:
bedlam wrote:Been away and just returned to find my trekDS account at WUS has been banned permanently. Goddammit.

I said that would happen if this stuff was posted publically.


It is not public here and poor redbar was banned at wus for posting it.

All Brad had to do was go into his messages and see who it was that complained about getting emails from Doxa. That was kind of easy for him to see that it was Carl and realize that Carl either put the info out to others or he started a second account. They may believe him to be redbar. Either way Carl is screwed with his IP address and will have some finagling to do to get another account.

Nah, there are easy workarounds with software that spoofs IP addresses. If Carl wants in, he can get in.

I used them years ago when a group of us went rogue at after the wife of the owner started personal attacks and permabans based on reviews she didn’t like and criticism of the site selling out to corporate beer America.

Those were good times.

Over time the unique identifiers in ones composition will rear up and expose the author.

Re: The Matryoshka doll of Doxa and friends

PostPosted: January 12th 2018, 3:41pm
by svaglic
bedlam wrote:
koimaster wrote:Perhaps this news should be made public

Yeah, problem is I am officially banned over there and use another account name. Publishing these details would point to who I am on WUS

Since he was found out and banned for it, can it be moved to the public forum now?