The Girard-Perragaux Laureato’s Versatility

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The Girard-Perragaux Laureato’s Versatility

Postby Racer-X » July 4th 2017, 8:28am

by Editor "Revolution explores Girard-Perragaux’s present Laureato collection and why it holds great potential for any modern watch buyer looking for a stylish, versatile daily wearer.

Before we get into the story of the Laureato as it stands today, let’s first step back a little. Not too far back, just to May of 2017, when Phillips Watches gathered for their fourth auction in Hong Kong.
The headliner story there, if you recall, was the 43 watches that Laurent Picciotto had put up for sale from his personal collection. Many of these were early versions of watches along with a handful of unique projects that M. Picciotto pursued with brands that retail with the Parisian Chronopassion."

Article at Revolution

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