Armand Nicolet O.H.M L15 Watch Review

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Armand Nicolet O.H.M L15 Watch Review

Postby koimaster » June 26th 2017, 8:33am

The premise behind Swiss Armand Nicolet's "O.H.M" family of products is simple and should appeal to a variety of watch collectors. "O.H.M" stands for "original historical movement," and the collection features new watches like the Armand Nicolet O.H.M L15 with nicely restored vintage movements inside of them. The movements are said to be restored by Armand Nicolet, and the idea is to combine the best of both worlds in terms of modern materials and construction methods, as well as a decent serving of authentic horological nostalgia.

Armand Nicolet produces a few watches in the O.H.M (OHM) collection, and the new L15 is among the better models as its dressy, traditional looks appear to fit the theme and size of the original A. Schild (AS) 1883 automatic movements rather well. So let's discuss the movement first, as this is going to be a major reason why someone will be interested in this watch. The design, while distinctive, isn't likely enough to attract consumers to the L15 collection. So, in my opinion, the real draw here is the combination of the design, materials, and the movement (along with the effort required to present it as it is done in this collection). ... ch-review/


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Re: Armand Nicolet O.H.M L15 Watch Review

Postby conjurer » June 26th 2017, 9:19am

A nice looking watch; I also commend AN for using old movements instead of seeing them go to waste or plundered for parts.

The price, especially for the all steel, seems somewhat high. are a ray of sunshine here.

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Re: Armand Nicolet O.H.M L15 Watch Review

Postby MKTheVintageBloke » June 26th 2017, 10:16am

Lovely watch, great movement. Although if it was up to me, I would rather use a no-date version, as A.Schild movements had a rather unfortunate date mechanism design, where - if I remember correctly - one of the springs has a nasty tendency to break easily. Not sure if it was the plague of all AS movements with date, or was it only affecting the ones with a quickset feature.
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