Another Christopher Ward defection...

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Another Christopher Ward defection...

Postby Rusty » October 13th 2017, 8:13pm

It appears that chief Christopher Ward movement designer/wonder kind Johannes Jahnke has left and has gone to work at Sellita. Wera, Johnnes, others in CS... it would not surprise me if Chris Ward left as well. ... =1&t=45864
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Re: Another Christopher Ward defection...

Postby Racer-X » October 13th 2017, 8:52pm

Oops, Johannes was the jewel in their new, hip crown. Looking forward to the 75% off sales.
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Re: Another Christopher Ward defection...

Postby biglove » October 14th 2017, 8:46am

Hmm. Sounds like CW is circling the drain and ripe for an Inshita buyout. FFS.
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Re: Another Christopher Ward defection...

Postby AJC » October 14th 2017, 1:12pm

Damn. J. J., a young, talented, original watchmaker was an opportunity for Christopher Ward to move up a few rungs on the watch brand ladder.

Oh well. He could have started his own company, why Sellita? They must have offered him a bundle.
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Re: Another Christopher Ward defection...

Postby TemerityB » October 14th 2017, 1:43pm

I could be wrong, but none of that sounds particularly good for CW. I mean, since the move to "hip," it's been downhill ever since. Let's put it this way: They haven't gained any traction in five years - and it's a pity, since good products at fair prices in this hobby deserve to be successful, far ahead of the lot of the dross that does.
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Re: Another Christopher Ward defection...

Postby Falstaff » October 14th 2017, 2:45pm

The perils of success.
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