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Postby koimaster » August 17th 2017, 9:22am

Having recently reported on the release of the new Czapek & Cie. Quai des Bergues watch (you can see the article here), the opportunity to get up close and personal with the watch so soon at SalonQP 2015 in the heart of London was a treat. Seeing the watch "in the metal" made the level of thought and the quality of execution immediately apparent. The brand itself has an interesting history, but it is the future of this crowd-funded project that makes Czapek & Cie. so interesting. There are six versions available for the Czapek & Cie. Quai des Bergues, three of which we tried out: the No. 33 pictured above with some rather special-looking Fleur de Lys hands, No. 31 with blued hands, and No. 37 with a black carbon dial. ... atch-live/

In the world of watchmaking, there are some historical names that are not to be denied: Abraham Louis Breguet, Ferdinand Berthoud, Hans Wilsdorf (founder of Rolex), Georges Daniels or Antoni Norbert Patek. Talking about Patek, he was not alone when founding the company but accompanied by a talented watchmaker, polish like him, François Czapek. History made both men split careers but Czapek continued to create timepieces – and not the worst to be true. After his death, the production didn’t continue and his name remained forgotten (except for some real, seasoned collectors). However, our beloved industry is good in revivals and here it is: a new brand is about to be launched together with the first collection of watches that goes with it. Please welcome the Czapek Quai des Bergues collection.

Historical background of François Czapek

A Pole of Czech origin (born 1811), Franciszek Czapek was born in Bohemia, and landed in Switzerland following a major geopolitical event, the Polish November Uprising, a time he was a soldier of the National Guard, in Warsaw. After his arrival in Geneva, Switzerland (July 1, 1832) he gallicised his name, thus becoming François Czapek. He started to build watches under his name but the main turning point in his life came later. The meeting between Czapek and Patek in 1836 was to change the lives of the two men. Both were Polish emigrants, survivors of an insurrection that had failed and forced them to flee. Antoine Norbert de Patek was invited by his countryman, François Czapek to start a career in watchmaking. Patek, Czapek & Cie was launched on May 1, 1839. Sales and the administration of the company were Patek’s duty, while Franciszek Czapek devoted himself to watchmaking and finishing.

The partnership between François Czapek and Antoine Norbert de Patek lasted six years. During that time, they sold a number of exceptional timepieces. And then, each man went his own way. Patek associated with Adrien Philippe and created Patek, Philippe & Cie. For his part, Czapek – who had already started a business venture with a certain Moreau shortly after arriving in Switzerland – founded Czapek & Cie on May 1, 1845, with a new partner, Juliusz Gruzewski. ... ecs-price/


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