Why Atelier Visits are so valuable - Great Read

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Why Atelier Visits are so valuable - Great Read

Postby koimaster » June 27th 2017, 8:46am

Most independent watchmakers actively invite enthusiasts to visit their manufacturing place. Opportunities not to be missed! Participating in the Independent Tour/GTG superbly organised by Mike H in June 2017, I apprehended one thing: I cannot get the full picture of such special watches as we have seen by reading company brochures or even looking at them in a shop window (including the booth at shows). At least for me, the desirability comes with knowing the ideas implemented in the watches as well as the individuals who have conceived them. Otherwise it is just a nice commodity without a lot of emotional attachment to it.

Listening to these most interesting and enthusiastic explanations by the master watchmakers, I also wondered a bit why the copywriters often cannot pick up what their bosses are living for day and night. Every-one of them has “Passion”. Why not replace such platitudes with a description of the specific ideas and convictions of the master watchmaker that make the watches special or even unique compared to others? Watches I have before not necessarily considered (most often not understanding why they look the way they do and what gems are hidden within them) became highly attractive with the background information we were given by our hosts at the visits.

http://www.watchprosite.com/independent ... 8759861/0/


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