HYT Skull Vida — Awakened From the Ice Age

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HYT Skull Vida — Awakened From the Ice Age

Postby koimaster » May 17th 2017, 8:37am

The launch of the HYT Skull was for me, the first instance of the very technical brand moving into a more philosophical as opposed to rational consideration of time. This was most obviously evident in its utilization of the Skull motif on the dial, which has over history come to represent the notion of memento mori; Latin for: “remember you will die”.

Placed on objects that were used in daily life, the Skull motif became the jumping point of reflection on one’s mortality and was used to prompt people to remember the truth of vanity in earthly life and the transient nature of earthly pursuits.

In the context of the HYT Skull, however, such remembrance did not come in the form of merely having a Skull motif as the dial’s main focus. Indeed, what we find with this watch is a brilliant utilization of the brand’s unique fluid technology, coming to add a further layer of meaning through the deliberate obfuscation of precision.

https://www.revolution.watch/world-prem ... e-ice-age/


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Re: HYT Skull Vida — Awakened From the Ice Age

Postby foghorn » May 17th 2017, 9:14am


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