Hands-on overview: the 2016 Patek Philippe 5164R Aquanaut

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Hands-on overview: the 2016 Patek Philippe 5164R Aquanaut

Postby koimaster » March 3rd 2017, 10:33am

The Aquanaut is well known for being a very nice “all-around” Patek due to its composite strap, steel material and 120m water-resistance. It is a model that people are not afraid to wear in every occasion, even if this isn’t of course a real tool watch. However, it can be used as such if you don’t have something against dings and scratches.

That sportier spirit and use would not at first make it natural to think about a precious case material for that reference but all these sporty watches are not always used that way. Just like all divers are not used to diving either. It is a sporty look and a casual spirit that make Aquanaut owners wanting to wear it without caring much about scratches. Remember that it was the same feeling that motivated Patek Philippe to unveil the Nautilus in 1976: Patek owners wanted a watch they could wear outside the office for sport activities. Of course, the leather strap gold Calatrava model wasn’t very “a propos” for such purpose.

Hence, it isn’t a watch to be used for the tougher adventures but certainly a luxury watch that can face many sporting activities.

Of course, today, the world is different and such Aquanaut meets the pleasure of wearing a Patek Philippe in a more casual and modern way, even with suits, if the owners feel like it.

With the Travel Time version of the Aquanaut family, Patek confirms this evolution by providing a useful complication for people who are traveling from time to time and find convenient to be able to follow 2 time zones at the same time, while being able to change the local time easily.

From this evolution and need, you understand now why the choice to introduce this 5164 in rose gold is perfectly relevant.

http://www.watchprosite.com/patek-phili ... 488382821/


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