Haldor Abissi 1000M

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Haldor Abissi 1000M

Postby Racer-X » January 31st 2017, 9:12pm

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Re: Haldor Abissi 1000M

Postby jason_recliner » January 31st 2017, 9:25pm

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Re: Haldor Abissi 1000M

Postby conjurer » January 31st 2017, 9:50pm

The Abissi measures 45.5mm wide by 57mm long and 15.5mm thick. While there are certainly bigger watches out there, this one just looks and feels very large.

Uhhh, no shit.
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Re: Haldor Abissi 1000M

Postby Falstaff » February 1st 2017, 12:38pm

Haldor Abissi? Best Emperor of darkest Ethiop ever! Didn't know the Lion of Judah was a watch enthusiast.
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