Quartz versus mechanical – do women care?

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Quartz versus mechanical – do women care?

Postby koimaster » December 18th 2015, 10:50am

Never before have there been so many ladies mechanical timepieces on offer. There is hardly a luxury watch brand on the market that hasn’t embarked on a ladies’ mechanical collection. Women can find everything from simple manual timepieces to multiple complications and even tourbillons, but do they really care what goes on in the inside of their watch and does their interest fluctuate from country to country?

A question of geography
There is no doubt that ladies’ mechanical timepieces have been selling well these last few years because they are, above all, beautiful wristwatches. But do women really care whether the inside of their watch has a mechanical or a quartz movement? Do they even know the difference?
“I am afraid that many women don’t have any idea about the difference between a quartz and a mechanical movement when they enter our store,” explains Priscilla Newman, owner of The Watch Gallery in Barcelona Spain, which carries over 30 top watch brands. “There are some women who appreciate mechanical watches, but not many. I am afraid that, on the whole, they prefer the price and practicality of a quartz watch.”
In Asia, knowledge and appreciation of mechanical timepieces fluctuate greatly according to the region, as Michael Tay from The Hour Glass explains, “Women in Singapore are particularly knowledgeable about horology and to a lesser extent, in Thailand. So, in these regions, we do see more interest for ladies mechanical watches. However, for other markets in the region, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong etc, they are not as discerning about mechanical movements so quartz versus mechanical is not an issue. Overall, aesthetics and budget remain the most important factor.”
At Levinson Jewelers in Florida in the United States. “Many of our female customers know the difference between quartz and mechanical movements,” shares co-owner, Robin Levinson, “a limited amount are intrigued and seduced by mechanical movements.” Although “usually a timepiece is something they want to own regardless of the movement.”

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