Could this be the last watch I ever buy?

Re: Could this be the last watch I ever buy?

Postby artman » June 29th 2017, 3:24pm

You guys (and Svagy) are the best. My watch boxes are full and I don't have space for another. I figure I have enough to keep me amused for the rest of my life and if I were to go out I'd go out with a BANG. I always knew that the last watch I buy would either be a Tudor Prince Oyster or a Rolex Datejust. When this Tooter presented itself I really wasn't ready for my last watch and it really isn't the Prince Oyster, but it had a similar layout and after a few visits to the AD it just felt right. I don't make promises to my wife that I don't intend to keep so I made the promise with a clear head and no regrets.

As for being my very last watch that I "acquire" that's a different story. If my dad were to give me another from his collection or if my daughter were to gift me something cool you guys will be the first to know. Cheers!
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