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The caliber corner

Postby koimaster » September 19th 2016, 4:40pm

Dear Watch Geek,

We have something exciting to share with the watch community and wanted you know about it before anyone else.

As manufacturers jump on the “in-house” bandwagon, there’s a growing interest in what makes watches tick. Collectors want to know (and understand) what’s inside. Not everyone has the resources to open a caseback and see the guts of their cherished timepieces in action – so we created

It’s the first and only caliber directory of its kind offering free detailed specs, pics, vids and opinions. It’ll be an ongoing effort to build this database and we want you to be a part of raising Movement Awareness.


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Re: The caliber corner

Postby TemerityB » September 19th 2016, 6:54pm

Even "Greetings" would be better than that salutation.
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Re: The caliber corner

Postby foghorn » September 19th 2016, 7:04pm

Great site for the google challenged.
Points for effort though.

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